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Posted: January 18, 2011, 10:20 AM
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By: MadLittleMods - DO NOT RIP

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on making a UserBar!

Finished Product PSD:
Code: [Select]
http://www.mediafire.com/file/j2nyfdem5zw/UserBar Tut.psdLine Overlay PAT:
Code: [Select]
http://www.mediafire.com/file/kq22nwlgmqf/Line Overlay.patVisitor TT1 BRK:
Code: [Select]
http://www.mediafire.com/file/nymo41mmhyq/visitor1.ttfVisitor TT2 BRK:
Code: [Select]
http://www.mediafire.com/file/t4qg5denwhi/visitor2.ttfSe7ensins Logo:
Code: [Select]
http://i863.photobucket.com/albums/ab200/MadLittleMods/Tuts/7SLogo.pngSe7ensins Text:
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UserBar Creation Process
1. Create a new canvas. Make it 350 pixels(width) by 19 pixels(height).


2. Create a new transparent layer (Shift + Ctrl + n). Just click ok.

3. Select the "Background Layer" and press delete on your keyboard or right click it and click "delete layer"

4. Create another transparent blank layer (Shift + Ctrl + n).

5. Select all (Ctrl + a).

6. Press the select tab, navigate to modify then press "Border...". Set the Width to 1 pixels and press "OK"

7. Click on the gradient tool. Then click on the gradient sample at the top.

8. Select any of the gradient preferrable the black to white one. Click on the both of the color tabs. Drag the selector to the very bottom left. Repeat for both of the tabs.

9. With that gradient you just made selected, click anywhere on the canvas and pull down a bit. Release the mouse and deselect everything. You should now have a black outline like the one pictured below.

10. Get the picture you want to be on the userbar. Look at it and make a gradient that would compliment it.

11. Create a new layer below the black outline. Apply the gradient to that layer.

12. Get your focal and resize it to your preferrably width and height. Note: Most userbars have the focal hanging off since they are so small. Try not to fit something all inside the userbar.

13. If you have a second thing you want to put on, then put that on as well. If you are using my pictures with this tut, I put the 7S-text.png with the outer glow blending option. To access this, right click that layer and click it.

14. Now its time to add that famous line overlay you see on almost all userbars.

15. Make a new canvas 6 x 6 pixels

16. Make a new blank transparent layer and delete the background layer.

17. Get your pencil tool out by holding down your mouse on the brush tool and then clicking the pencil tool.

18. Zoom in all the way. Set your pencil size to 1. Select black on your color pallete.

19. Start in the bottom left corner and click. Click in a diagonal pattern all the way up to the top right. It should work out perfectly.

20. Click on edit on the top and go down to where it says "Define Pattern..."

21. Name it whatever you want and press "OK"

22. Go back to where you were making your userbar.

23. Go to Layer at the top and go down to "New Fill Layer" and then to "Pattern..."

24. Press "OK"

25. Make sure the pattern you just made is selected and then press "OK"

26. Move that pattern fill layer you just made right below the black outline.

27. Reduce the opacity to 15% or whatever suits you.

28. Now its time to add text.

29. Download the Font "Visitor TT1 BRK" or "Visitor TT2 BRK". Download at top!

30. Install them and select the text tool and the visitor font.

31. Create a new Layer just below the black outline but in front of the line overlay. Make sure the font color is white. Turn anti-aliasing to none(look at picture if you don't know what that is)

32. Click to start typing.

33. Make the text white if not already and font size 13(13 might be to big if you are using the TT1 font)

34. Go into blending options on that layer and go to the stroke tab.

35. Click the checkmark on the left in the list and set the pixel width to 1. Make sure it is black outline.

36. Now it's time to add some gloss!

37. Get out the Ellipse Tool and change the shape color to white.

38. Draw an ellipse across the whole user bar covering about half of it up(see picture if confused)

39. Raserize the layer by right clicking that shape layer you made and click on "Rasterize Layer"

40. Change the opacity to your liking. I changed it to 35%

41. Save it as whatever file format you want (png is best) and your done!

<3 Nerve, Sk8, Labradoodle, Austin